$PHTR Token and Tokenomics

How is $PHTR minted?

What About Supply?

What is the allocation of the $ PHTR token?

What are the functions of $PHTR?

  • Governance — Staked PHTR holders can exercise their right to vote on, or propose new ideas to improve the Phuture protocol.
  • Staking — Users who stake PHTR receive Enhanced PHTR (ePHTR), a yield generating, governance enabled variant of PHTR.
  • Solver Rewards — PHTR is earned by solvers on non-Ethereum chains, performing critical platform functions.
  • Solver Bond — A minimum PHTR bond is required in order for solvers to get whitelisted to execute platform functions.
  • Liquidity Incentives — Distributed to liquidity providers of PHTR and other Phuture products.

What about Buy-Back and burn/distribute?


Join the community and be a part of the Phuture of indexing!



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